Build 193 - Deployed forces, ballistic missiles, maps

This update completes the database of deployed nuclear forces of the world, introduces realistic ballistic missiles flight and introduces online maps to allow better zoom levels. Plus it adds a large number of smaller features and improvements.

Here is the full list of features:

- New Feature: added blueprints and deployed nuclear forces for UK, France, Israel, India and Pakistan. Only added blueprints for DPRK as not enough data is available

- New feature: online maps for higher zoom levels (click the small magnifying glass symbol)

- New Feature: ballistic missiles are now flying on physically correct trajectories and with correct velocities, including a boosting phase

- New Feature: clock is added showing the UTC time

- New Feature: blueprints are now distributed over folders so that user-made blueprints are saved in the AppData folder and can be transferred on update
- New feature: slider controlling all types in quick plan generation
- Bug Fix: city names not showing properly
- Bug Fix: city names blurry
- Bug Fix: hospitals showing too early
- Bug Fix: map sliding at high zoom levels is choppy
- New Feature: added button to KMZ importer to delete last entry
- New Feature: added option to KMZ importer to add multiple objects by holding LeftShift
- Optimization: zooming in and out is now much more performant and doesn't cause framerate drop
- New Feature: links to video guides are added to the UI (small white i), link to the official discord server is added to the main menu

Files 2 GB
Version 11 Oct 28, 2020

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