Build 174 - AI-assisted plan generation

- New feature: added an AI to generate Attack using specifing unit types
- New feature: added an AI that will generate specific plan types
- New feature: added an option to quickly generate and execute attack plans by clicking on the map
- New feature: reentry vehicles now have red cones as warheads
- New feature: paths of reentry vehicles is now red and yellow
- New feature: added cratering to the list of effects and visualizations. Ejecta from cratering will destroy hardened silos
- New feature: added button click and explosion sounds
- New feature: visualize hospitals worldwide
- New feature: stars are rotating with the sun
- New feature: selected country is highlighted
- New feature: CEP added to visualization during targeting
- Bug Fix: changed Keyboard zoom buttons to Up and Down arrows. Now working with notebooks that have no Keypad
- Bug Fix: some Russian submarines were attacking Russia in the default scenario
- Bug Fix: Scroll bar on some menus was broken
- Bug Fix: reduced color gradient banding
- Bug Fix: explosion flares artifacts are gone
- Bug Fix: planes not flying in straight lines at poles
- Bug Fix: city names are flipped
- simulation starts with the scenic view

Files 2 GB
Version 8 Sep 13, 2020

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