Build 214 - Visualization settings and burning cities

This update improves the visualization of burning cities and allows saving most visualization settings.

Burning cities

- New Feature: burning cities are animated, the size of the displayed burning area is displaying the area affected by 10 cal/cm^2
- New Feature: smoke from burning cities is moving with the speed of the wind
- New Feature: smoke from burning cities scales with the amount of burning fuel

Visualization settings

- New Feature: graphics settings are saved 

- New Feature: city lights intensity can be adjusted 

- New Feature: minimum displayed harbor size can be set and saved 

- Bug Fix: temperature went to zero if soot amount went over 150 Tg

Files 2 GB
Version 13 Jan 20, 2021


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Download link is not available

and how to get steam key

You can apply for the beat here:
Or get the finished version later on steam:

Do you have to pay for it when you release????

Can download the game now?


It is not possible to buy it at the moment. But you will be able to get it on Steam soon

I dig the new build. What's next

Thanks. The next update will probably take a while and will include big changes to how scenarios work.