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Nuclear War Simulator

A nuclear conflict simulation and visualisation tool · By Ivan Stepanov


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Build 193 - Deployed forces, ballistic missiles, maps
This update completes the database of deployed nuclear forces of the world, introduces realistic ballistic missiles flight and introduces online maps to allow b...
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Build 184 - Distribution of warheads on cities
- New feature: warheads are distributed over city areas - Visual feature: it is possible to disable missile and reentry trails, Reentry trails are disabled by d...
​Build 176 - Bug fixes and optimizations
- Bug Fix: button clicks were sometimes not playing - Bug Fix: condensation rings were blue at high intensities - Optimization: plan generation on click is much...
Build 174 - AI-assisted plan generation
- New feature: added an AI to generate Attack using specifing unit types - New feature: added an AI that will generate specific plan types - New feature: added...
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Build 153 - Integrated scenario upload
- New feature: integrated upload of scenarios. It is now much easier to share your scenarios with others. - New feature: export and import explosions list as CS...
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